• Crypto Investor Sues Apple Over Malicious App That Stole Cryptocurrencies

    A crypto investor has filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple Inc. after she downloaded a malicious application from the company’s App Store that led to the theft of her cryptocurrencies. Apple Sued Over Theft of Cryptocurrency Due to Malicious App Hadona Diep, a resident of the U.S. state of Maryland and a full-time cyber-security IT […]

    1h ago
  • El Salvador Buys More Bitcoin — Country Now Holds 700 BTC

    El Salvador, the country that made bitcoin legal tender alongside the U.S. dollar, has purchased more bitcoin. The Salvadoran government now holds 700 coins, according to President Nayib Bukele. El Salvador Buys the Dip El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, announced early Monday morning that his government has purchased 150 more bitcoins. The country’s bitcoin law […]

    3h ago
  • Crypto Market Values Nosedive Amid Global Market Meltdown, Widening Default Risks

    Crypto markets have dropped a great deal in value over the last 24 hours as crypto assets across the board have lost anywhere between 7-15% in value during this time period. The overall market valuation of all 10,000+ crypto-assets in existence has slid just below the $2 trillion handle, losing over 9% in value during […]

    4h ago
  • Spellfire: NFT That You Can Actually Touch

    In recent months NFT or as it coded, non-fungible tokens became a hot topic that everyone is talking about. NFT is a valuable model of digital ownership from which you could make money. If you have paper money or money in your bank accounts, you can buy, rent, sell, invest and be an active player […]

    5h ago
  • Largest NFT Market by Volume Opensea Launches Smartphone Application

    On September 17, the largest non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace in terms of volume, Opensea, announced the launch of the platform’s mobile application. Opensea marketplace users can now access a wide variety of NFT collections on their smartphones by downloading the application from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store. Opensea Launches Mobile App for […]

    6h ago
  • Nigerian Central Bank Threats Force Parallel Exchange Rate Tracker to Suspend Service

    Following threats from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the management of Abokifx, a website that tracks the Nigerian currency’s black market exchange rates, has announced the suspension of their daily updates. This suspension will remain in effect until Abokifx gets “better clarity of the situation,” management said on September 17, 2021. Tracking of Parallel […]

    8h ago
  • Bitcoin.com Doubles Down on Non-Custodial Model

    Bitcoin.com, in line with its vision to support ‘economic freedom,’ is refocusing its efforts on non-custodial, or ‘self hosted,’ crypto products, including exchange. Therefore, the Bitcoin.com Wallet, which is fully non-custodial and provides users with direct access to public blockchains like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum will be the company’s flagship product going forward. What’s […]

    9h ago
  • Cryptocurrency Is Picking up Steam in Small Cities in India: Report

    Cryptocurrency usage and trading are experiencing a boom in India, and most of this growth is coming from small cities. According to reports from local exchanges, the growth has been exponential. The profile of these new participants has also been interesting, as they are highly educated, not only focused just on bitcoin, and are open […]

    10h ago
  • JPMorgan Strategist Estimates Ether’s Fair Value at $1,500 Amid Competition From ‘Ethereum Killers’

    A strategist at JPMorgan stated that ether’s fair value is way lower than its current price. According to a set of measurements based on network activity, he calculated ether’s value at $1,500, 55% lower than its market price. One of the reasons argued for this assessment, is that Ethereum is not so unique anymore, and […]

    11h ago
  • Russian Court Confirms Arrest Warrants for 3 Finiko Founders

    Tatarstan’s highest court has rejected appeals against arrest warrants issued for three co-founders of the notorious Finiko crypto pyramid. The top representatives of the Ponzi scheme, accused of large-scale fraud in Russia, are still hiding abroad, media reports reveal. Three Finiko Ponzi Scheme Members Still Wanted The Supreme Court of Tatarstan, a republic of the […]

    13h ago